Waist trainers for all body types

While there are many things that are great about waist trainers, the best thing has to be that it doesn’t discriminate.

The beauty of waist trainers is that they exist for all body types and transform all body types to the most popular body type: hourglass figure.

Types of Waist trainers:

  • Waspie Corsets: These are extremely comfortable corsets. Best for small torsos.
  • Standard Corsets: Best for athletic build.
  • Hybrid Corsets: Best for slim builds.
  • Simple Corset: Best for most of the body types. Goes well with moderate curves.
  • Standard Corset: Best for bodies having natural curves.
  • Longline Corsets: Best for long torsos.


Different types of waist trainers are useful, because selecting the right one leads to better results and comfort.

However it is advisable to not use certain types for certain body types.

  • Waspie Corsets: For women with less natural curves.
  • Standard Corsets: For women with more natural curves.
  • Hybrid Corsets: For women with torsos less than nine inches.
  • Simple Corset: For women with extreme Athletic build.
  • Standard Corset: For women with low waist to hip ratio.
  • Longline Corsets: For women with short or standard torsos.



So choose the type which suits you most!

Ways to Battle Depression


Depression is like being trapped in a room with no windows, doors and no escape. The whole room is on fire and even if you had the opportunity to escape, you still wouldn’t do it because you know that hell awaits you outside that exit. Your mental illness is definitely not your choice and there are no permanent cures for it but travel comes close to it. You are tired of your world. You are tired of your society and most importantly you are tired of being your miserable self. That’s why you choose to trap yourself in a room of misery and despair. That is why you opt for isolation.

Travel can grant you an escape. When you’re trapped inside yourself, you choose to do that because you think nothing out there is worth the while but how can you say that when you haven’t even traveled the deepest and darkest corners of the world? When you haven’t even tried to find a refuge in Mother Nature’s coddling arms?

I used to be engulfed by depression and I wouldn’t lie to you, I thought about killing myself many times because I thought the other side would strip me off from this pain that I felt every day. Fortunately, I have always been a rebel and I refused to give in. I looked the other way and I am glad I did that. Instead I started following my dreams and pursuing a bachelor degree , of my hobbies I can mention : running , ping-pong , love to mention this one (sewing) it is really relaxing . My grandma helped me a lot to learn sewing and eventually I could go by my own and I would suggest it to everyone in order to control the stress . You can find info about how to use leather sewing machines on this site .


When I started to travel, it became an addiction. I never could get enough of the picturesque views and the breathtaking sceneries. I always had something to look forward to and when you always have something to look forward to in life, you feel immortal and invincible. You are terrified, sure but not of your mental illness but because you think that you will not be able to savor all the beauty that this world is blessed with. Your will to live grows stronger and you find happiness in the most unexpected of places.

Whether it was the exotic Caribbean or the historical riches of India, It set me free. I never had to stay in one place anymore. I never had to feel trapped. I always had a way paved out for me.


Before travelling, all I felt was emptiness. I had no emotions and I was beset by an existential crisis. I had nihilist tendencies. I didn’t want to live or feel anything. I had no tears left for pain or sadness and I was just a corpse trapped in a living body.

When I connected with nature, all of that went away. I was able to feel a spectrum of emotions and I could feel happiness tearing me apart.

Most importantly, I was proud of myself. I was proud that I didn’t give in to a world of horror that resided in my head. Every step that I took, it made me realize that it didn’t matter if I win in life, I just had to embrace the struggle and that made all the difference. Travelling gave me a new life. I know thing won’t be easy from here onwards but I have something stored for grisly tragedies now and that is the perpetual hope.