Waist trainers for all body types

While there are many things that are great about waist trainers, the best thing has to be that it doesn’t discriminate.

The beauty of waist trainers is that they exist for all body types and transform all body types to the most popular body type: hourglass figure.

Types of Waist trainers:

  • Waspie Corsets: These are extremely comfortable corsets. Best for small torsos.
  • Standard Corsets: Best for athletic build.
  • Hybrid Corsets: Best for slim builds.
  • Simple Corset: Best for most of the body types. Goes well with moderate curves.
  • Standard Corset: Best for bodies having natural curves.
  • Longline Corsets: Best for long torsos.


Different types of waist trainers are useful, because selecting the right one leads to better results and comfort.

However it is advisable to not use certain types for certain body types.

  • Waspie Corsets: For women with less natural curves.
  • Standard Corsets: For women with more natural curves.
  • Hybrid Corsets: For women with torsos less than nine inches.
  • Simple Corset: For women with extreme Athletic build.
  • Standard Corset: For women with low waist to hip ratio.
  • Longline Corsets: For women with short or standard torsos.



So choose the type which suits you most!

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